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BetterDays Barbershop

Bringing BetterDays Barbershop to Life with Professional Photography and Video Production

At 4U Agency, we understand the importance of visually compelling content for businesses. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. That's why we were thrilled to work with Carlos Padilla, the founder of BetterDays Barbershop, on their photo and video production needs.

BetterDays Barbershop is a barbershop located in Merced, CA, providing top-notch hair cutting services. Carlos Padilla, the founder, was one of our first clients, and he reached out to us to help bring his barbershop to life. Our team of experts got to work right away and produced a 3-minute professional shoot of Carlos cutting hair alongside 20 portraits for his professional use.

The photo and video production process was a smooth and seamless experience. Our photographers and videographers worked closely with Carlos to ensure that the final product captured the essence of BetterDays Barbershop. The 3-minute professional shoot showcased Carlos' skills as a barber, while the 20 portraits perfectly captured the brand's personality.

The visually compelling content has helped the brand to establish a strong online presence and attract more customers. Carlos Padilla was so impressed with the results that he left us a 5-star review on Google, saying that the final product exceeded his expectations.

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