MADD Awards Ceremony 2024

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Project Scope: To capture the emotional impact and celebratory atmosphere of MADD's 2024 Statewide Awards Ceremony, highlighting the organization's achievements and honoring key individuals.


  • High-resolution digital images: A comprehensive gallery of professionally edited photographs showcasing the event's highlights, including award presentations, keynote speakers, and candid moments of attendees.
  • Social media content: A curated selection of images optimized for sharing on MADD's social media platforms, accompanied by engaging captions that tell the story of the event.


  • Pre-event consultation: Collaborated with MADD to understand their specific goals and desired outcomes for the photography.
  • Strategic shot list: Developed a detailed shot list encompassing key moments, individuals, and details to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • On-site photography: Deployed a team of experienced photographers to discreetly capture the event's atmosphere, emotions, and interactions.
  • Post-production editing: Carefully selected and edited the best images to create a visually compelling narrative that aligns with MADD's brand and mission.


The final deliverables exceeded MADD's expectations, providing them with powerful visuals to promote their cause, engage their audience, and inspire continued support. The photographs effectively captured the spirit of the event, highlighting the dedication of MADD's volunteers, staff, and supporters.

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