October 26, 2022


The Power of SMS Marketing

Short Message Service, or SMS, is a significant form of digital marketing, that not many small businesses are using. People believe that to benefit from SMS marketing, you need to be a large business with a large database, however none of that is true.

What is Business SMS?

Remember when you first opened your business, and you used your phone to text clients updates? Business SMS is the same concept: a dedicated business number for incoming and outgoing texts. Not only can you text customer’s directly with this number, but you can also text your customers in bulk with promotions you are currently running, or emergency updates to alert them.

How to use efficiently and effectively

You’re probably wondering how the heck are you going to market through SMS. Here’s are some of the best use cases for text marketing:

Birthday Messages

People love to celebrate their birthday, but more importantly, they love to be acknowledged. This is when your company can jump in and offer them a special gift. Starbucks is known for offering free drinks during birthdays, and you can do something similar in your domain or drop down a nice special for their day. As simple as this sounds, this can lead to a gained sell during the day, even if it’s a gift as they’d still walk in the store and glance at other potential purchases.

Payments and Billing Reminders

If you’re selling services and you’re waiting for a payment, texting is a more efficient way than email. People check their texts much more often than emails and have a higher open rate. This will allow for you to receive your payment quicker than waiting for them to check their email.

Appointment Reminders

Clinics have adopted SMS marketing and resulted to using SMS marketing to remind customers about their appointments ahead of time. This allows for less manual work by a staff contacting them over a call, while at the same time ensuring they get the message even if they don’t answer the phone.

Doctors aren’t the only ones who can use this though.Barbershops, Mechanics, and really any type of business that schedules appointments can take advantage of this technique.

Event Promotions

When promoting a new event, you already have flyers up, you have a social media campaign, but to retarget passed clients, you go ahead ands hoot them a text to remind them of the event and promote your current deals for that day to ensure their presence.

SMS Marketing has a lot of potential. It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach to customers as well as retarget old clients. If you’re interested in text marketing, feel free to reach out to us at info@xprtagency.com or call 651.370.9343 for more information

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